Medical Device Commercialisation Training Program (MDCTP)


The Medical Device Commercialisation Training Program (MDCTP) is designed for NSW based candidates interested in exploring the realm of commercialising their intellectual property in the field of medical technologies, including (but not limited to) clinicians (physicians, nurses, and allied health professionals), researchers, students and graduates.

The program is delivered by leading deep technology incubator, Cicada Innovations (formerly ATP Innovations), with the support and funding from NSW Health in aim of fostering medical device commercialisation in NSW.

The program offers knowledge, skill and network building opportunities through three different training courses: Ignition CORE (flagship course), Ignition Health and Ignition IP (workshop).



Ignition CORE (flagship course)

Ignition CORE is an intense 12-week medical technology commercialisation training course covering customer discovery and business model development and the specific structural elements of medical device commercialisation. The course is based on extended Lean Launchpad® methodologies and involves both the ‘search’ for the right business model via weekly customer interviews and the ‘structure’ of aspects critical to medical device commercialisation via weekly lectures and workshops. Topics covered in-depth include Business Model Generation, Market Analysis, Intellectual Property Management, Regulatory Affairs and Reimbursement, Product Development Strategy, Negotiation and Influence, Communication and Pitch Crafting, Capital Raising, Financial Models and Business Valuation, and Business Governance.

Ignition CORE candidates will be required to attend one full training day per week over the course of 12 weeks, dedicate up to additional 20 hours per week for customer interviews and homework, and attend a graduation showcase.

Most promising candidates will be awarded educational scholarships, sponsored opportunities to explore global markets or seed capital to start their own business in order to foster medical research and commercialisation in NSW.

Applications for Ignition CORE 2017 are now closed.

Register your interest for Ignition CORE 2018 below.


Ignition Health

Ignition Health is a 12-week training course focussed on customer discovery and business model development for candidates interested in commercialising medical technologies. It is based on Lean LaunchPad® methodology – based on the ‘search’ for the right business model using experimentation; getting out of the classroom and talking to customers, partners and competitors. The course goes beyond static case studies or fixed models and challenges candidates to create their own business models based on information derived from personal engagement rather than second hand market research.

Ignition Health candidates will be required to attend one half-day training day per week over the course of 12 weeks, dedicate up to additional 10 hours per week for customer interviews and teamwork.

Ignition Health 2017 is provided at no cost to participants or their institution.

The next Ignition Health course will take place August – October 2017. Applications for Ignition Health 2017 are now open until 16 June 2017. Places are limited.

Apply for Ignition Health below.


Ignition IP

Ignition IP is a 1-day intensive training focusing explicitly on medical device intellectual property management. It is designed to equip candidates with the necessary knowledge to protect their intellectual property through trademarks, patents and design registration. The course focuses on skills such as communicating your research as a value proposition, managing your IP portfolio, confidentiality and disclosure, and patent publishing.

Ignition IP candidates will be required to attend the IP training for one full day.

Ignition IP workshops in 2017 are provided at no cost to participants or their institution.

Ignition IP courses run four times per year. Applications are open for the next Ignition IP course scheduled for the 5th June 2017, 8:30-17:00. Places are limited.



The MDCTP offers an invaluable opportunity to NSW based medical device innovators to build knowledge, skills and network needed to successfully commercialise medical device technologies. Graduates of the 2014 and 2015 training programs have launched companies, engaged industry partners and – to date – raised over $15 million in grants and private investment funding to create job opportunities in Australia and abroad.

Feedback from MDCTP Alumni:
“The MDCTP course has been an incredibly valuable opportunity both for Sheridan and myself, giving us a sound basis from which to build our business, especially noting the importance of customer validation. The course has taught us not only what we should be doing now, but also what we should be preparing for. In the world of startups, timing can be critical and being aware and prepared helps to avoid falling into unwarranted regulatory, legal or other pitfalls down the track.
The commercialisation game is hard enough to play, and flying blind without a comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals is a recipe for failure. The MDCTP course gave us the momentum we needed to get out of the research facility and amongst the people we are trying to help and those that can help us make it happen.”
Michael Weaver, Co-founder at Cenofex Innovations (Awarded the NSW-QB3 Rosenman Institute Program scholarship, MDCTP 2014).
“MDCTP added substantial value in three ways: (1) credibility, (2) skills and (3) network. The credibility has and continues to help us with our financing and business development efforts. The skills-development has assisted with public speaking, market research along with business model and pitch deck development. The MDCTP also helped us access the local medical device industry, and we are looking to start our first Sydney-based industrial design project later this year.”
Ryan Pawell, Founder & CEO at Indee.
“The MDCTP was invaluable in teaching me how to commercialise a medical device and putting me in touch with key contacts within the field. I also learnt how to ‘pitch’. During the course my team worked on the ‘business model canvas’ for Kleer-i a sutureless surgery for the eye which helped with our successful application to the Medical Devices Fund.”
Stephanie Watson, Eye Surgeon at Save Sight Institute, Founder at Kleer-i (Awarded with $50,000 Seed Funding, MDCTP 2015).
“The MDCTP provided me with, not only the knowledge, but the experience of testing the validity of your idea in a market. We learnt the basics of many aspects necessary in commercialising a product and became familiar with the language used – this has already been of value in my role. But the key value of the course to me is that I now feel enabled to take an idea and systematically ask – does it solve a problem? for whom? and specifically what do I need to do to get it to them, and make a profit? I would certainly recommend it to people interested in commercialising their ideas, in fact I already do.”
Stephen Bradford, Research Scientist in Genomics at CSIRO/Garvan Institute of Medical Research.


Medical devices in the context of the Medical Device Commercialisation Training Program have been defined as any medical or health technology that is not considered to be a drug. This may include but is not limited to invasive or non-invasive devices, instrumentation, diagnostics and therapeutics, connected devices, mobile health and software products.


NSW based post-doctoral researchers, clinicians, PhD graduates and final year PhD candidates are encouraged to apply for Ignition CORE.

Applicants for Ignition CORE must have a demonstrated interest in medical device innovation and commercialisation and must have access to novel intellectual property (proprietary knowledge) of their own or belonging to their institution. Applicants that do not own or have access to intellectual property, but are interested in medical device innovation should apply for Ignition Health and Ignition IP.

Ignition Health and Ignition IP courses are open to NSW based clinicians, researchers, undergraduate and postgraduate students interested in medical technology commercialisation.

Please refer to the MDCTP Ignition CORE Eligibility Criteria flowchart on the right (click to enlarge).


Ignition CORE 2017- 02 February to 20 April 2017 (complete)

NSW Medical Device Showcase  2017 – 31 May 2017 (Register your attendance here)

Ignition IP course dates – 05 June and 11 September 2017

Ignition Health applications close – 16 June 2017

Ignition Health dates – 09 August to 25 October (Stream 1 on Wednesday mornings) and 10 August to 26 October 2017 (Stream 2 on Thursday mornings)

General FAQ

What constitutes a ‘medical device’?
Any type of device, diagnostic, app, software or processing technology that aims to improve patient or health system outcomes. This includes gene therapy and drug manufacturing technologies. It does NOT include small molecule therapeutic drugs.

What happens to my intellectual property during the course?
Non-disclosure agreements are signed by all parties involved in the course, and we do not require you to reveal any sensitive information. We do not take any ownership of your intellectual property.

Ignition CORE FAQ

I am a clinician, post-doctoral researcher, PhD graduate or final year PhD student, but I do not own/have access to medical device intellectual property. Can I still apply for Ignition CORE?
You may not be eligible for the CORE course, however, you are still eligible to apply for the Ignition IP and Ignition Health courses.

I am not a clinician, post-doctoral researcher or PhD graduate, but I own/have access to medical device intellectual property. Can I still apply for Ignition CORE?
You may not be eligible for the CORE course, however, you are still eligible to apply for the Ignition IP and Ignition Health courses.

Is there any post-program support for Ignition CORE?
Yes, there is seed funding, international discovery grants and international scholarships available to graduates of the Ignition CORE course.

Ignition Health FAQ

Do I need ownership or access to intellectual property for Ignition Health?
No, you do not require your own or access to intellectual property. We will be sourcing problems within the State health system that can be potentially solved using technology, for candidates without their own intellectual property to work on.

Is there any post-program support for Ignition Health?
No. There is only post-program support for successful candidates of Ignition CORE.


For further information please contact Michelle Chee via Applications will only be accepted via the application form and will not be considered if they are sent via email.



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