What We Do


At Cicada Innovations we grow high growth advanced technology startups into successful global businesses. We partner with technical founders to give them the best chance of achieving commercial success as quickly as possible by bringing the business know-how, expertise, specialist resources and the professional network to the business. We don’t just incubate growth – we multiply your successes and help transform startup businesses into high value companies.

We select startups that are working on scalable advanced technologies to join our portfolio and gain access to our full-time business mentors, community of entrepreneurs, investor and industry network as well as our facilities comprising office, lab and event space. We take up to five percent equity in the business as a mechanism for aligning our interests with the entrepreneurs’ and offer subsidised, flexible rent for office space.

Cicada Innovations reviews incubator applications all year round.



In partnership with the NSW Office for Health and Medical Research, Cicada Innovations runs an education program for commercialising medical devices called the MDCTP. Researchers, entrepreneurs and practitioners working on novel medical devices are welcome to submit applications for the 2016 program intake.

Accelerators vs. Incubators

Cicada Innovations is a business incubator. Incubators are organisations that provide long-term business support and mentorship throughout a company’s life cycle. Startups accepted into incubators are past the early-stage concept development, can demonstrate customer validation and product/market fit.

Accelerators are pre-incubation programs. Accelerator programs provide pre-seed capital and short-term business mentorship of 3-6 months in duration, culminating with events that provide exposure to investors and industry. Startups accepted into accelerators are at the early-stage concept development, looking to build their first product prototype and find their first customers. Cicada Innovations invests in, mentors and provides administration support to Startmate, Australia’s preeminent startup accelerator. The program is also based at Cicada Innovations.

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