LX Group branches into in-house consulting


Lx Group

LX Group’s award winning design and engineering services is breaking out of their Australian Technology Park headquarters and joining development teams all over the country. expanding beyond the Australian Technology Park premises to be incorporated into development teams all over the country.

Many projects need to be run in-house rather than outsourced, LX Consulting is making their special breed of technical specialists available to work with clients wherever they are. The service is called LX Consulting and it aims to provide just the right people for just the amount of time they are needed – short term or long term, part time of full time. This has proven a very cost effective way for companies to rapidly expand their development and project team capabilities and outcomes.

LX Consulting is headed up by Charles Handmer, an experienced management consultant with a background in product design, start-ups and technology staffing. LX Consulting will scope and deliver bespoke ICT resource solutions for any role from admin support to embedded software engineers.

LX Group is a client of ATP Innovations, Australia’s leading technology business incubator.

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