AIMEDICS’ HypoMon receives TGA approval 28/11/2012



The Therapeutics Goods Administration has approved the HypoMon, a potentially life-saving, non-invasive alarm that can protect young people with type 1 diabetes against nocturnal hypoglycaemia, developed by AIMEDICS. This is the first time that an Australian invented and developed diabetes device has been approved by the TGA.

AIMEDICS has also announced the first Australian sales of its revolutionary HypoMon product, which is attracting strong interest in Europe after its recent launch in the UK. The company is receiving endorsement from UK diabetes consumer organisations and diabetes health professionals.

“AIMEDICS has been located (with us) in the National Innovation Centre for the last 10 years. I have seen the business develop strategically with the introduction of new skills at key stages. The team has delivered every step of the way which has led to ongoing investment and support. I am proud of their achievements and look forward to their future success. I hope they can be Australia’s next RESMED,” said ATP Innovations CEO Hamish Hawthorn.

Developed by researchers at the University of Technology Sydney, HypoMon is a non-invasive monitoring system that helps young people with insulin-dependent diabetes detect and prevent sleep-time hypoglycaemic attacks. Hypoglycaemia occurs when blood glucose levels drop and can lead to convulsions or coma during sleep. Research shows that nearly 55 per cent of severe hypoglycaemia incidents in children and adolescents occur at night, making overnight monitoring very important.

The product involves a sensor and transmitter contained in a wrap-around belt that is worn during sleep. If physiological changes consistent with hypoglycaemia occur, an alarm is triggered to wake the user and carer to take appropriate treatment. Wireless technology transmits information to a monitor (pictured below) that can be positioned anywhere within a ten-metre radius, such as a parent’s bedroom.

About the HypoMon

The HypoMon accurately and non-invasively detects and alerts young people with type 1 diabetes to nocturnal hypoglycaemia – which can be life threatening. It is the most accurate, comfortable and affordable product of its category on the market. HypoMon assures a safer, more comfortable night’s sleep for all.

AIMEDICS is a client of ATP Innovations, Australia’s leading technology business incubator.


HypoMon monitor – promising a safer, more comfortable night’s sleep for all.

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