New ATP Innovations client SkyTree awarded NSW MVP grant



SkyTree was awarded the Innovate NSW Minimum Viable Product (MVP) grant to develop a hydroponic garden cultivation system, which allows users to monitor their plants’ water level and quality remotely via cloud technology.

SkyTree is revolutionising hydroponics with a proprietary technology designed to eliminate the risk and cost of maintaining plants. Hydroponics is the cultivation of plants by placing the roots in liquid nutrient solutions rather than soil. SkyTree’s products contain no pumps, filters, or nozzles. It requires just a fraction of the power, water, and nutrients of traditional hydroponics while avoiding the number 1 problem with both hydroponic and soil cultivation of “root rot” caused by over or under watering.

Potential uses for SkyTree’s technology include low maintenance “green walls” in corporate businesses, lightweight and low maintanence rooftop and vertical gardens on commercial buildings, “plug and play” systems allowing for individual city dwellers to easily grow their own vegetables on their balconies and more.

Other ATP Innovations client companies to have won the grant include PayreqSnap Disco and its Ignition Labs companies ResQdevices and bioz.

The MVP grant is to match 50% of project costs to develop a prototype or customise a solution. SkyTree’s MVP grant was $15,000, the maximum amount available.

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