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Propeller Aerobotics is a new startup company joining the drone revolution and helping move it forward into everyday business. They’re developing a cloud-based platform to leverage the new technology – and Australia’s growing number of licensed drone operators – to unlock the new types of data that autonomous flying machines make possible.

Propeller’s system integrates with popular auto-pilots, can upload data while in flight, and automatically processes the data into terrain maps, inspection photos, and real-time, action-able information for business. It’s a platform that provides value now for a number of industries, and flexibly supports companies as they find new ways to use drones for data gathering.

Out of a field of over 800, the company was recently selected as a semi-finalist, and the only representative from this region, in the global Cisco Internet Of Things Innovation Grand Challenge.

The aim of the Challenge is to highlight and accelerate the adoption of breakthrough technologies and products that will contribute to the growth and evolution of the Internet of Things. The company has also been selected as a regional representative to compete in the Challenge Cup 2015, a global  Global Competition Identifying most promising startups tackling the world’s most intractable problems, which will take place next year in Washington DC, USA.

Leveraging the excitement and hype around drone technology, the company is moving focus from automated drone data operations and data capture to delivering cloud-based integration tools and mobile interfaces for business. With applications in mining, agriculture, search & rescue, the company has just signed their first client, helping a major surveying and construction firm develop integrated workflows using drones for quantity surveying and engineering design.

Propeller Aero is a client of ATP Innovations, winner of the prestigious 2014 NBIA Incubator of the Year Award. Read more at – and if you think there’s a way you could use flying robots regularly, contact Propeller for business and technical advice on making it part of your day job!

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