Podplants WIN this years Australian Innovation Challenge – with support from Shell and The Australian



The Australian Innovation Challenge had entries open in May for entrepreneurs, technology startup businesses and innovations. In support of driving the nation’s future, and to help shape some of the best ideas into commercialisation and adoption this challenge was brought to the public by The Australian (newspaper) in association with Shell.

Once Podplants were announced as finalists in October, the team had gathered a much appreciated 330 votes in support of their efforts.  Its founder, Chris Wilkins, is very passionate about his invention and very happy with the award.

He hopes to help green the planet with his wonderful creation of the greenwall, which his innovative idea has allowed the corporate world to delve into a cleaner environment through a novel aeroponic system. The greenwall allows plant to grow in nutrient laden mist and minimal lighting and can grow anything from ferns to edible plants and vegetables.

Podplants has now been mentioned in the Australian Innovative Challenge article of ‘The Australian’, shook hands with Ian McFarlane and Andrew Smith (Chair of Shell Aus), received a trophy for their business efforts and $10,000 to continue their work of innovating a sustainable future.

Podplants is a portfolio client of ATP Innovations. Winner of the prestigious NBIA Award 2014.


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