ATP Innovations’ welcomes new clients Breathe Well and Bigstone


ATP Innovations’ is delighted to announce that Breathe Well and Bigstone have joined the NIC Community.

Breathe Well has developed a device that incorporates biofeedback into cancer radiotherapy, empowering patients undergoing treatment and improving outcomes through new innovative technologies in respiratory innovations. Breathe Well has undergone years of scientific research and drastically improves radiation treatment, medical image quality and presents patients with guidance for a desirable breathing-motion.


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Bigstone is a financial service company that is challenging traditional banking with a new lending platform for SMEs. Bigstone helps make the process of getting a loan simple, fast and easy, offering better value with competitive prices and fees with a personalised service. Investors can also use Bigstone for performance tracking and risk management, directly invest in growing small businesses and earn a return aligned with the risk of the businesses which investors lend to.


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