Pallas Advanced Learning Systems launches its first product for STEM subjects



There is a need to drastically improve educational outcomes and make STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) subjects less daunting for students.

To this end, Prof. Michael Jacobson—the Founder and CEO of Pallas Advanced Learning Systems (ALS)—has developed innovative approaches for students to learn science with cutting edge intelligent virtual learning environments and computer modelling and visualization technologies.

“Most people do not realize that 75% of the fastest growing occupations require solid STEM knowledge and skills. Unfortunately, most students avoid STEM courses because they think they are too hard,” says Michael.

Research shows that traditional approaches for teaching science can be dry and uninteresting for many students. In contrast, immersive “game-like” learning experiences are not only interactive and engaging, but also help students really learn science as the students are “doing” 21st century science.

With funding from the Australian Research Council, Prof.Jacobson has conducted three years of school-based research in which young students learn important biology concepts and scientific inquiry skills using the Omosa Virtual World environment.

Information about this work and the virtual learning environment may be viewed here.

Pallas ALS has obtained an exclusive license from The University of Sydney for the IP from this work and has now launched its first product in virtual reality.

Prof. Jacobson is an international consultant and keynote speaker at major EdTech and education research conferences. He has also edited two books on EdTech research, including Designs for Learning Environments of the Future: International Perspectives from the Learning Sciences, published by Springer.


Visit Pallas ALS for more information about the company and the future of Edtech.

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