Made for Me creates first Australian industrial 3D printing network



Made for Me’s deal with CSIRO makes Australia’s most advanced 3D printing technology available to all.

An Australian start-up is enabling small- and mid-sized businesses to tap into the most advanced 3D printing technology across the country through its new online network, unlocking massive gains in the speed and quality of 3D printed parts.

Made for Me, a privately-funded Canberra-based start-up, has developed an online network that enables users to upload their 3D files and automatically source the fastest or least expensive option from Made for Me’s country-wide network of industrial 3D print companies. Thanks to a new agreement with CSIRO, Made for Me’s network now includes advanced titanium, stainless steel, and aluminium 3D printing utilizing CSIRO’s $6 million Lab22 facility. Made for Me is the first company to have signed an agreement with CSIRO to make CSIRO’s capabilities available to users throughout Australia.

“We’ve seen that Australian businesses want to find faster, local options for high-quality 3D printing, but have been going overseas for industrial-grade work because it has historically been too difficult to identify suitable local suppliers,” said co-founder and CEO, James Antifaev.

The idea came during Made for Me’s time in the angel-funded and ATP Innovations supported GRIFFIN Accelerator, when the Made for Me co-founders realised that although most users are now familiar with low-quality “desktop” 3D printers, no online network exists for local 3D printing at the level of quality that businesses require. This was causing headaches for small and medium Australian firms, which were waiting weeks or even months for parts to arrive.

“Our network finally solves that problem by making it as easy as uploading your file and selecting a material – we automatically find the best option for your project, and you can check out within seconds. Using a local manufacturer from our network can cut turnaround time in half for customers, and it keeps more manufacturing business in Australia,” said Mr Antifaev.

Made for Me’s network includes Redeye Australasia, 3DPrint-AU, Adelaide 3D Printing Services, Engineer 3D, AMAERO, Advanced Manufacturing Services, HiTech3D, 3D Printing Pty Ltd, and others.

Examples of local businesses using the service include Sydney-based jewellery design outfit Kinetic Patterns, which uses 3D printing to create unique pieces in polyamide, and Canberra-based PNP Golf, which has utilized Made for Me’s network to 3D print stainless steel golf club prototypes. Both businesses have seen waiting times cut in half compared to overseas options. Made for Me has also provided services to the University of Canberra, ACT Government, the eGov Cluster (hosted by NICTA), and Bligh Tanner, a Brisbane-based engineering firm.

With the addition of CSIRO to its network, Made for Me continues to make some of the world’s most advanced metal 3D printing capabilities available to Australian small business, helping to keep Australia at the forefront of this exciting new technology.

Made for Me continues to expand its network and is currently bringing on new team members as it grows its operations and prepares for international expansion.

About Made for Me

Made for Me is Australia’s first online 3D print service network, enabling users with 3D files to instantly find the fastest or least expensive local 3D print service from Made for Me’s network of professional 3D print manufacturers. With a network spanning Australia and New Zealand, a wide variety of materials, and a network of professional 3D print experts using state-of-the-art technology, Made for Me is the single place for small and mid-sized businesses to source 3D printed parts.

You can find out more about Made for Me at, or follow them on Twitter (@madeforme3D) and Facebook (

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