Team UNSW crowned robot world cup champions at 19th RoboCup games in China



Team UNSW was crowned robot world cup champions at 19th RoboCup games in China, winning a competition that saw teams from around the world battle it out on the football field using the latest in programming technology.

The competition, now in its 19th year, saw more than 300 teams from 47 counties participate, Chinese state media reported.

For the main competition, the teams run their own programs on a standard 58 cm-tall robot. Once the competition starts, the robots are on their own, with the teams not allowed to interfere with the programming.

“They tell everyone else where they are on the field and where the ball is. And they make decisions. Maybe one player will play goalkeeper and another player says, ‘I’m the closest to the ball. I’m going to kick it.’ And someone else says, ‘I’ll pass here, I’m standing here,’ or things like that,” said Sean Harris, one of the members of the winning team from the University of New South Wales.

“They try and position around the field and things like that. And then they share all that information — everybody knows what everyone else is doing.”

Harris believes the secret to his team’s success was speed. “Everyone has the same robots. So it’s all about how you program them and the intelligence. But we are fast. We have a really fast walk. So we are fast, we get to the ball first,” he said.

The article originally appeared on CBC News.

The University of New South Wales, is one of the four major shareholders of ATP Innovations – including the University of Sydney, Australian National University and the University of Technology, Sydney.


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