Clarity Licences Technology to Detect Rupture-Prone Plaque


Leveraging its collaboration-based model, Clarity Pharmaceuticals has signed a licensing agreement with Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute to develop a diagnostic called PlateView that can be used to detect rupture-prone plaque.

Detecting vulnerable, rupture-prone plaque can help to prevent heart attacks and has a potential of saving millions of lives. Each year, more than 19 million people worldwide experience a sudden cardiac event and a large percentage of these people have no prior symptoms. With this technology Clarity is among the pioneers in this field and is determined to bring positive change in the cardiovascular diagnostic market. Moreover, the technology is an activated platelet marker that can be used in the diagnosis of other diseases where a localisation of this cell type is found.

We believe that our synergistic model, based on mutual goals and in-depth collaboration with experienced clinicians, such as Professor Karlheinz Peter at the Baker IDI, will deliver exceptional results and we are determined to advance the product to ensure better patient outcomes.



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