Ingogo has launched a brilliant campaign for its taxi-booking system



Taxi booking app Ingogo has launched a cheeky campaign that highlights the hassles of booking a taxi over the phone. The campaign directs people to call a phone number which subjects them to sarcastic on-hold messaging highlighting the benefits of the app.

The campaign currently operates in Sydney and Melbourne, and has recently launched in Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide.

Ingogo CMO Jeff Lim says the company’s first ever major advertising initiative aims to cut through the clutter and reflect its values as a high-growth tech player.

“One of the major hurdles is the adoption of technology by consumers that might not be as tech savvy, and we wanted to get their attention, and educate them. It’s a cheeky nod towards those who are still using old school methods to book a taxi by calling up over the phone.”

A series of videos on the Ingogo website and social channels also explain the app’s features.


Ingogo’s recent marketing campaign has also featured $50 incentives for people who signed up and downloaded the app.

Earlier in the year, Ingogo claimed $12 million in the Series C funding round – bringing the value of the company close to $100M.

This article was originally featured on Marketing Magazine. Ingogo is a client of ATP Innovations, winner of the prestigious NBIA award 2014.

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