Meet the Sonder keyboard everyone needs to own


Sonder has designed a new keyboard that will change the way you work and play.

With app-specific layouts on keys, you can now change your keyboard from QWERTY to DVORAK, from English to Chinese, change emoticons to text, or create your very own keys to perform whatever command you wish.

Imagine having individual icons for shortcuts to your favourite programs or applications!


BLUETOOTH. Allowing you to connect anything from a Mac computer to PC, tablet or smartphone, all you need to do is use their ultimate Bluetooth technology.


LIGHTS ON. Whether you’re gaming at night, or working in a studio, Sonder’s front lighting through an advanced fiber optic waveguide will ensure you never miss a key in the dark – using backlights.


GO CLOUD. Perhaps you use your Sonder as a media terminal, or for audio editing; with Sonder all your settings are saved automatically to the cloud.


JOIN THE COMMUNITY. Generate and share layouts for languages, dialects, macros, widgets and new games and programs with the rest of the Sonder community.

Sonder logo-black

PRE-ORDER. The Sonder keyboard is currently in development. Keep your eyes posted for more information soon or pre-order now for $199!

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