ResQdevices’ Paracart is an ambulance stretcher that can go down flights of stairs.



Having been injured himself while engaged in unsafe lifting, Roger also knew that many of his colleagues had been injured in the course of their duties.

“I’d had the idea of creating a no-lift system for paramedics in my head for quite awhile” said Roger. “When I was accepted into an incubator program I finally had time to make it happen”.

To help with his ambition to create a true point to point system for paramedics & their patients, Roger engaged with engineers, industrial designers & a mechanical protoyper.

“We worked through an enormous number of possible ways of having a ambulance stretcher that would “do” stairs, load in & out of the ambulance & yet still lift the patient safely. We came up with some sketches & approached 6 ambulance services both here in Australia and in the UK. Each service offered to trial prototypes once they became available.”

  • The ParaCart is both lightweight & supremely adaptable.
  • The ParaCart is a patients floor to ED door solution. No lift, no carry, no double handling.
  • A true point to point logistical solution for paramedics.

The lifting arms and wheels of the ParaCart can be removed, meaning that a patient on the ground may be rolled onto the ParaCart if needed (just like using a spine board). Then, the ParaCart will power lift to ~900mm and reconfigure into a chair shape. Alternatively, a ambulant patient can just sit on the ParaCart whilst in “chair” mode.

Then, the ParaCart can safely descend stairs on it’s big grippy wheels, backed up by dual disc brakes operated by a dead-man safety system. If the Paramedic / EMT lets go of the ParaCart, it just stops.

Once at the ambulance, it loads in & out like any other ambulance stretcher.

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