ANU researcher has invented a new way to make microscopic lenses capable of magnifying up to 160 times


ANULens-plate_1600-440x295 2

By harnessing the natural shape of water droplets, Australian National University (ANU) researcher Dr Steve Lee has invented a new way to make microscope lenses capable of collimating light and magnifying up to 160 times with an imaging resolution of four micrometers. The lenses costs less than a cent and are compatible with many devices including the humble smart phone. This technology taps into the current citizen science revolution, which is rapidly transforming owners of smart phones into potential scientists.

The mobile phone microscopes could potentially transform the field of microscopy, revolutionising science and medicine in developing countries where they could be used for remote medical diagnosis.

This article originally appeared on the Australian National University website. The Australian National University is one of the four major shareholders of ATP Innovations – including the University of Sydney, the University of Technology, Sydney, and the University of New South Wales.

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