Australian technology Park sale and update



There has been a lot of press around the sale of the Australian Technology Park (ATP) that has some people concerned about the impact it will have on ATP Innovations and companies within the National Innovation Centre.

The short answer is that there will be no impact – it will be business as usual for our award winning incubator ATP Innovations, and for all of the companies based within the the building.

The reason why there will be no impact is because ATP Innovations is a tenant of the Australian Technology Park with a 99 year lease over the National Innovation Centre which expires in 2094.

There will be no changes to the conditions or term of the current lease, it will simply be transferred to the ATP’s eventual new owner.

About Australian Technology Park:

ATP is owned by the NSW Government and managed through UrbanGrowth NSW, the State Government’s urban transformation delivery organisation.

ATP has now been offered for sale by select tender. The successful tenderer will be required to protect the Park’s important heritage and public access values, and support the Australian Technology park’s role as a major employment hub with an emphasis on technology, creative industries, tech startups, research and ICT industries.

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