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The City of Sydney’s new Tech Startup Action Plan will help create an environment that enables technology entrepreneurs to start and grow successful global businesses in the City.

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The City’s draft plan, now online and open to public feedback, is packed with ideas for encouraging Sydney’s tech startups – from creating an entrepreneurship centre, to offering ‘how to code’ classes in local libraries and cutting through planning red tape to encourage more co-working spaces.

The needs of tech startups are often very different to those of other small businesses. Experiences worldwide underscore how tech startup companies have high-growth potential, reach a global market rapidly and produce economic and employment benefits extremely quickly.

“Sydney is home to Australia’s highest concentration of tech startups and we’re developing a global reputation for supporting innovation,” Lord Mayor Clover Moore said.

“With the right support, Sydney can be a global leader in the field. To grow the jobs of the future we need to find ways to develop more skilled entrepreneurs, particularly women. The City’s draft Tech Startups Action Plan will help us make that a reality.”

“We must ensure that Sydney is a supportive location for such development so that our most talented companies and the entrepreneurs behind them grow their business in Sydney.”

The startup economy 2013 report by PricewaterhouseCoopers found the Australian tech startup sector could generate more than 500,000 jobs by 2033.

The City believes it can support Sydney’s tech startup ecosystem, which is in the early stages of development, and is proposing a wide range of projects in the draft plan. These include: running investor recruitment events, offering a visiting entrepreneur program and using City-owned properties as work and event spaces for startups.

The City’s CEO, Monica Barone, says the City is working with industry and government partners to create a nurturing environment for startups.

“The City’s draft Tech Startups Action Plan looks at ways we can offer support networks, business and entrepreneurship education, infrastructure and financing opportunities for our entrepreneurs,” Ms Barone said.

“A healthy startup scene will be crucial for a future long-term sustainable economy so helping innovative tech startups to start and stay in Sydney is vital.

“I encourage the industry to read this draft plan and engage with us so we can help them grow their global companies here in Sydney.”

Elisa Mokany is a co-founder of SpeeDx, an all-female led tech startup that develops gene detection technology to enable faster, simpler and cheaper diagnosis of diseases.

“Sydney is becoming a great place for women running tech startups, with organisations like Springboard already operating to nurture networks of successful women tech entrepreneurs,” Ms Mokany said.

“Our startup, SpeeDx, is based in the National Innovation Centre, a biotech incubator at the Australian Technology Park in Eveleigh, where we have all the support we need to grow our business. We really welcome the proposals in the draft Tech Startups Action Plan to increase the number of hubs and entrepreneur centres for startups in Sydney,” said Ms Mokany.

Holly Cardew, founder of tech startup Pixc, helps online retailers increase their online sales with better product photos by providing on demand photo editing

“Initiatives like the City’s draft Tech Startups Action Plan are trying to change the landscape for tech startups in Australia and that can only be a good thing,” said Holly.

“Sydney has a lot of potential for startups and Pixc started and grew here – we need to find ways to help tech startups stay in Sydney”.

The City supports the CeBIT business technology conference, the REMIX summit, and the Global Coworking Conference Unconference and produces the popular ‘Tech Startup 101 business seminars’ series.

The City will support StartUp Week, a seven day program of startup events to be staged held for the first time in Sydney in October, and SydStart, one of Australia’s biggest conferences offering opportunities for local tech startups to learn from national and international speakers.

Startup Muster’s 2014 survey found Sydney CBD has the largest number of tech startups in Australia; with the next door villages of Ultimo and Surry Hills rated fourth and seventh respectively.

The City is also offering a free workshop, Tech Startups: How to launch and scale your startup, on 23 September at Customs House as part of its ever-popular Business 101 Seminars series. The event, which starts at 6.30pm is available to book online at

The City’s draft Tech Startups Action Plan is available to view and comment on at until 10 November 2015. You can also join the conversation with #startupsyd

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