ATP Innovations launches the Multiplier Program


ATP Innovations is excited to announce its new industry engagement program, the Multiplier Program.

The Multiplier program enables invited industry participants to tap into ATP Innovations’ unique and curated community of cutting edge science based innovations. Participants are able to explore how up-and-coming startups, industry and researchers can create synergies which can be exploited for mutual benefit. 

Multiplier Corporate Partners 2016

Petra Andren, Director of Strategy and Business Development, ATP Innovations said, “We are thrilled to announce our corporate partners, who represent a diverse range of industry verticals. We want to take advantage of the momentum created by the government’s Innovation statement where industry is encouraged to engage more effectively with the startup and research community. We know first hand, that businesses that collaborate on innovation with research organisations are three times more likely to experience productivity growth, improved sales and exporting activity”.

The Multiplier Program will address issues startups and researchers often find when they engage with corporates, benefits can often be one sided, with limited upside for the entrepreneur or researcher. On the other hand, many corporate innovation teams find they are approached with great ideas that don’t necessarily fit with their organisation’s strategy. ATP Innovations’ Multiplier Program addresses this by taking into account the strategies, expertise and needs of both sides and creating an environment that provides a platform for meaningful exchange and communication.


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