Hamish Hawthorn resigns as CEO of ATP Innovations, Petra Andren named CEO


ATP Innovations today announced that Hamish Hawthorn has resigned as Chief Executive Officer. The Board has named Petra Andren, previously ATP Innovation’s Director of Strategy and Business Development, as the company’s new CEO.

Hamish Hawthorn joined ATP Innovations in 2005, and has served as CEO for the last 9 years. Over this time, he has established ATP Innovations as an internationally recognised leader in business incubation of high growth, technology-based startups.

“Hamish’s vision and leadership has guided ATP Innovations to its position as one of the world’s leading technology business incubators” said ATP Innovations Chairman, Graham Cook. “Hamish has been an integral part of ATP Innovation’s success, inspiring and guiding the founders of our portfolio companies and the ATP Innovations team.”

“I’m so proud of what we have achieved at ATP Innovations – and to be part of the journey of so many successful founders has truly been a privilege. Being recognised as the Incubator of the Year in 2014 by our international peers was a pleasing endorsement of the hard work the team has put in over the years – an outstanding achievement” said Hamish.

“We would like to thank Hamish for his many years of service and wish him all the best in his new role with UpGuard, a successful cybersecurity company that was previously at ATP Innovations and is now based in Silicon Valley.”

“The board has complete confidence that Petra Andren is the right person to be our next CEO,” added Graham Cook. “Petra’s 4 years of service to ATP Innovations have been marked by outstanding performance and demonstration of her extensive experience, skills and sound judgment in everything she does.”

As Director of Strategy and Business Development, Petra was previously responsible for providing strategic guidance to ATP Innovation’s portfolio companies, helping them raise venture funding, access government grants and scale their businesses into global markets. Petra’s background has given her strong domain expertise in life-sciences, having previously been the Managing Director of Octapharma Australia, Petra’s dexterity has seen her skills transferred across ATP Innovation’s other industry verticals, such as hardware and software.


Media contact:
Jackie Ariston
Startup and Innovation Specialist

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