Nano-X and BCAL Diagnostics win 1776 Regional Final


Congratulations Nano-X and BCAL Diagnostics! Both companies were winners of the 1776 Regional Finals in Singapore and are now off to D.C for the Challenge Cup Global Finals in June 2016.

Nano-X offers a new radiotherapy machine with disruptive market advantages. By moving the complexity of a radiotherapy system from hardware to software, Nano-X is less expensive to produce, less expensive to site, requires fewer staff to operate and can deliver a more complete therapy to patients.

BCAL Diagnostics, a graduate of the 2015 MDCTP program, delivered by ATP Innovation, aims to shift the paradigm in breast cancer screening and diagnosis by introducing a blood test for detection of the disease. The implication of such a technology could revolutionise detection and management of breast cancer by allowing a blood sample to be taken remote from the site of analysis.


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