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If you haven’t yet heard of the Internet of Things then turn down your unironic vinyl player and listen up.  IoT is well and truly here, and the gold rush is on. The projections and stats are ridiculous for what the value of IoT will be by 2020, let alone 2030 and beyond. What used to be called M2M – and before that ‘Telematics’ – IoT is without hyperbole already shaping up to be the third revolution in technology following the development of the personal computer and the mobile phone.  We are seeing companies right now already saving millions of dollars through improvements and increases in efficiencies for processes that haven’t changed in over 100 years in some cases.

What if you could instrument the physical world?  Everything from high resolution soil moisture profiles across crop fields to bridge joint vibrations and city bin levels?  Interesting, sure, but now what if you could create simple, meaningful online dashboards and trigger alerts when data reaches a defined threshold?  There are hundreds of thousands of software companies and cloud platforms that can already do this very well.
Ok so what if the really hard part, the hardware design and production for thousands of different wireless sensors and network gateways, could be done:

  • ultra fast,
  • super cheap,
  • with battery life measured in years not weeks,
  • with long range radio links of 20km and more,
  • at a commercial level of quality, ready to scale
  • and also in a miniature form factor?

What if the hard hardware problem was made easy?

Well wouldn’t you know it!  IoT hardware has now been made easy!

LX IoT Cores, designed by LX Design, are the most versatile, industrial grade hardware engine powering IoT applications from microchips to the cloud and beyond.
They have taken care of the complex stuff so you can focus on developing applications, solving problems and building product.

There is a huge amount of technology built in to three very rapidly configurable IoT Cores, as well as LX Cloud to handle all the comms and visualise all the delicious data.

The technology page is now live, so to read all about the remarkable design features and different enclosures, head over to

Thanks for listening! You can spin that record player back up again now…


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