Ventia partners with Cicada Innovations


Australia’s only ‘super incubator’, Cicada Innovations, is today announcing a partnership with Australasian infrastructure services provider, Ventia, who is excited to gain access to Cicada’s advanced infratech research, technologies and insights

The partnership falls under Cicada’s 2017 Industry Engagement Program, a scheme designed to drive the commercialisation of research in Australia by granting industry leaders like Ventia, one-of-a-kind access to its portfolio of 75+ advanced ‘deep technology’ start-ups, and its network of national research institutions.

The scheme was piloted in 2016 and has since resulted in 10 ongoing collaborations between industry and research, an initial result that Cicada is hoping to significantly build on in 2017.

“The ultimate purpose of research and innovation is to create successful businesses that change lives in a meaningful way, and have significant economic impact on a global level,” said Petra Andrén, CEO of Cicada Innovations.

“Creating pathways for collaboration between our portfolio of start-ups and world-leading research institutions, with a large services company like Ventia, is a way to unlock the veritable goldmine of skills and knowledge we have sitting within our own local innovation ecosystem waiting to be commercialised by this type of innovation-focused organisation.”

Ventia was formed in 2015 through the integration of Leighton Contractors Services, Thiess Services and Visionstream into an independent infrastructure services company with more than thirty years’ experience and 6,000 staff across Australasia.

Ventia sought out Cicada’s Engagement Program because it wants to be the first to pioneer the use of technologies such as predictive analytics, machine learning, AI, sensors and drones, to name a few, to improve worker safety and efficiencies across its business portfolio.

“Ventia’s vision is to lead the way in infrastructure services by harnessing the power of technology,” said Risto Dukovski, Chief Information Officer.

“This partnership and the technology scouting opportunities it will provide will help us work towards this goal, enabling Ventia to identify first-to-market ideas and technologies that could apply to our own operations or processes, enhance our products and services, or address specific industry or customer challenges.”

“While Cicada’s innovators can learn the practices of large business from Ventia, we are looking forward to learning and leveraging the agile and creative approach of some of Australia’s most exciting entrepreneurs,” concluded Mr Dukovski.

The Industry Engagement Program allows for just one partner per industry vertical, and has already signed up Macquarie Capital, Meat & Livestock Australia, and Cook Medical to the Program.


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