Facilitating Collaboration Between Industry and Deep Tech Startups

Partnering with Cicada Innovations enables corporates to gain visibility of the latest science based innovations and global trends impacting your industry while supporting you to build a profile within the Australian deep tech ecosystem.

Cicada’s Industry Engagement Program enables you to connect with entrepreneurs and innovators and form partnerships in order to leverage the game-changing technologies that are shaping tomorrow’s marketplaces.

Prospective partners

Cicada Innovations’ Industry engagement program enables invited participants to tap into our curated community of innovators and entrepreneurs. Cicada Innovations’ deep tech hub is comprised of 70+ high growth start-ups, scale ups and hackers that reside campus style in the incubator located in the Australian Technology Park.

In addition, we have connections into research from public research institutes, including but not limited to, our four university shareholders –  USYD, UNSW, UTS and ANU.It allows you to explore interesting cutting edge technologies and develop synergies for mutual benefit.

Successful collaborations with industry have come from corporates that prioritise innovation. These corporates tend to have these organisational characteristics:

  • an innovation team and leadership buy-in
  • clear pathways for externally developed start-ups/research to progress through the organisation
  • ideas around areas of interest the organisation would like to explore
  • the ability to have an active presence in Cicada Innovations’ community, for example attending monthly networking drinks and working onsite.

Industry Partners 2017-2018

Next Steps

If you’re interested in participating, or would like more information please get in touch, places are limited. We will be looking for one industry partner per vertical per tier and will work on a first come first serve basis.

For more information, please contact Britt Hartnett via email britt@cicadainnovations.com.


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