Our Rockstars


Marathon Targets

Robotic Targets for Live Fire Training

Marathon Targets’ autonomous robotic targets drives soldiers to become pre-combat veterans by rapidly developing skills in combat marksmanship.
Traditional fixed, pop-up, or rail mounted target systems lack the realism of human like behaviours, and often only present a front facing profile that tracks sideways. In these conditions soldiers do not effectively develop the realistic marksmanship skills required to engage moving targets. Initially built on Segways, Marathon developed a 4WD base made for rugged terrain, sensors and on-board software to simulate a battle environment and mimic human behaviour under fire.

Success to date: Marathon Targets secured a US $50M contract with the US Marine Corps to trial its technology. Documented tests and evaluations carried out by the US Marine Corps determined that soldiers developed a 104% increase in combat accuracy within a 24-hour period through use of the robotic targets.
Since then, Marathon Targets have expanded their operations to four continents and are establishing themselves as the leaders of innovation in the defence and law enforcement market.

In 2016, in partnership with Domino’s Pizza, Marathon Targets unveiled the world’s first autonomous pizza delivery vehicle globally, supplying the autonomous robotic platform inside the custom body used by Domino’s.

Cicada Innovations: Cicada Innovations was instrumental in finding commercial applications of Marathon Targets’ technology developed at University of Sydney.

Through Cicada Innovations’ support, Marathon Targets fast tracked success resulting in a strategically critical and prestigious contract with the US Department of Defense.




Clean Space Technology (Paftec)

Wearable Protective Masks

Paftec are specialists in innovative and quality respirator design and manufacturing, creating the world’s smallest powered respirator. It has all the convenience of a light mask but with the safety and protection of a powered respirator. Designed and built with the same rigour as in the medical industry, CleanSpace respirators deliver significant safety and compliance benefits over traditional masks and are sold in over 20 countries.
Success to date: Paftec have received numerous prestigious product design and safety awards, including the Premier’s NSW Export Award in 2015, which acknowledges the important contribution of businesses to the economy through increased prosperity for the community. They are selling their solution to blue chip industrial companies all over the globe.

Cicada Innovations: The incubator has helped exposing Paftec to a network of clients, investors and company peers to help accelerate the product’s uptake in the market.



Trust Your IT Environment Again

UpGuard is the only platform that provides the Cyber Security Threat Assessment Report (CSTAR). UpGuard’s discovery engine brings visibility to complex IT environments, enabling teams to quickly identify risk, confirm compliance and make business safer. It also provides easy-to-understand risk score, which insurers can use in determining a fair premium for cyber security insurance.

Customers use UpGuard to accelerate DevOps initiatives, identify critical security gaps and vulnerabilities, streamline auditing and compliance testing, and gain visibility into the true state of their infrastructure.

Success to date: UpGuard have raised US $27M, including their most recent $17M Series B round.

Cicada Innovations: At Cicada Innovations UpGuard received the necessary support to sustain business growth and development post-acceleration, after they had successfully graduated from Startmate accelerator program.


Current Rockstars

Clarity Pharmaceuticals (Clarity)

Clarity utilises its radio-pharmaceutical capability to produce safer and more effective medicines to improve patient outcomes. The company’s in-house drug development program is focused on developing novel targeted therapeutics, along with their companion diagnostics, to treat serious disease. Clarity’s first product, SARTATE™, is being developed to treat a range of cancers including neuro-endocrine tumours, as well as devastating childhood cancers such as neuroblastoma and medulloblastoma.

Success to date: Following the successful completion of a first-in-human study in neuroendocrine tumours (NET), Clarity has commenced SARTATE™’s development as a cancer therapy for NET patients in a Phase 2a efficacy trial using Copper-64 and Copper-67 pairing. Success in the NETs trial, as well as in parallel neuroblastoma and medulloblastoma trials, will demonstrate the therapeutic potential of SARTATE™ and create opportunities for the platform SAR Technology to be used more broadly for other cancers, such as prostate cancer and other solid tumours.

Clarity Pharmaceuticals have raised $9.5M in funding to date.

Cicada Innovations: “The incubator has been invaluable in providing Clarity with a community in which to work, with access to a network of businesses, investors and advisors. The continuous support has enabled Clarity to achieve its significant milestones in a short timeframe and capture some unique business opportunities” – Alan Taylor, Chairman.


Incoming Media

High Quality Mobile Engagement

The Incoming Media platform uses predictive analytics and intelligent push technology to predict consumers’ preferences and create flawless, personalised mobile video experiences. Incoming allows users to view mobile video content instantly and in high-definition, which encourages them to stay engaged with the video for longer periods. This opens up new business models and revenue opportunities for media companies, who have traditionally found it challenging to offer seamless HD-viewing experiences.

Success to date: Incoming Media has raised $6M in funding to date, including US $4.6M in Series A round funding in 2014.

Cicada Innovations: Being part of the incubator played a crucial part in establishing the commercial potential for the technology – a spinout from Data61, Australia’s leading digital research network
– facilitating strategic partnership opportunities and providing overall strategic guidance.


Up and Coming

Propeller Aero (Propeller)

The Drone Data Platform

Propeller has developed a web portal that enables commercial drone operators and industry clients measure and share the visual information capture by drones.
Drones provide a safer and more efficient alternative to manned asset inspections, with rapid uptake in insurance, construction and other industries. Workers explore their site in 3D, performing complex calculations in seconds, and getting valuable insights out of drone survey data. Used alongside Propeller’s cloud software for processing and hosting drone flight images, it’s the natural solution for delivering quality inspections quickly and easily.

Success to date: Propeller is now being used by thousands of commercial drone operators, teams and enterprises around the world. In 2016, Propeller entered into a strategic partnership with DJI, the world’s leading aerial-imaging company, to launch an integrated solution to reduce costs, improve safety and drive operational efficiency in the construction and mining industries.

Propeller has raised over $5M in funding to date, including US $3M in Series A round in 2016.

Cicada Innovations: The mentor team played a critical role in helping with early identification of key markets for the product and the development of commercial pathway.

Solutions for Quality Drone Data

propeller-aero propeller
nano-x nano-x_2

Transforming Global Access To Cancer Care

Nano-X has developed a novel cost-effective medical device for cancer treatment. Nano-X’s smarter and smaller cancer radiotherapy machine can achieve clinically superior radiotherapy in a room 1/3 the size, requiring 1/4 the staff, at just 1/5 the cost by moving the complexity of radiotherapy from a hardware to a software solution. This is particularly significant to rural and developing regions across the globe, where the access to cancer treatment is hindered by lack of resources, infrastructure and skilled staff.

Success to date: Nano-X has successfully built the first prototype in partnership with IDE Group – leading Australian product development and design firm – and commenced clinical trials. The company has also secured a favourable IP assignment with the University of Sydney.
Nano-X are currently shortlisted for the 2016 Medical Devices Fund round to obtain further $2.6M.

Cicada Innovations: The mentor team has been instrumental in assisting Nano-X in negotiating IP agreements and providing a commercial perspective to a number of key professional services. The incubator has also helped Nano-X to secure funding, assisted with key strategic hires and management oversight.

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